Restrooms are located adjacent to the fellowship hall on the lower level. They may be reached by descending the stairs in the Narthex (entry vestibule) and turning left.  Restrooms are also located on the main floor of Wesley Learning Center. Go through the door to the right of the altar.  Then, turn left and walk across the bridge to the Sunday School building.  The restrooms are located on the left about halfway down the hallway.


Ample parking is available for all of our church functions.  ADA spaces are available near the main entrance.  Additional parking as well as access to the lower level (fellowship hall) is available behind the church.


All are welcome in our sanctuary.  The sanctuary is wheelchair accessible.  Additional seating is located in the balcony by taking the stairs in the Narthex.  Our services are streamed live on the web for those who are not able to join us in person.

Fellowship Hall

Our fellowship hall (Rauner Hall) is located on the lower level.  Access is by way of the stairs in the Narthex or through the door to the right of the altar.  The fellowship hall is used for Pasta Supper, Coffee Hour, and the UM Men’s Group.  The hall is in use nearly every day by groups including AA, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Quilters, and Dorothy Day.  Please contact the church office if you would like to rent our the hall.


Our newly renovated kitchen is located adjacent to the fellowship hall on the lower level.  The kitchen is currently available for church-related functions although we hope to make it available for rental in the near future.  Meals are prepared in the kitchen for Dorothy Day, Coffee Hour, Pasta Supper, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Conference Room

The Bett’s Conference Room is located through the door to the right of the sanctuary.  Our conference room hosts meetings and group discussion nearly every night of the week.  These groups include: Church Council, Outreach, Stephen Ministers, Trustees, and The WLC Board.  Adult Bible Study is offered in the conference room at 9am on Sunday.

Outdoor Sanctuary

Several times per year we gather outdoors for workship services.  The outdoor sanctuary is located behind the church. Go through the gate to the left of the playground and follow the walking path around the pond.  The path is wheelchair accessible although the slope of the path is steep in places.

Memorial Garden

Come sit for a moment and enjoy this peaceful space.  Our memorial garden is located in front of the church and is accessible from the church lawn or the sidewalk along Church Hill Road.  All are welcome.

Church Office

The church office is located directly behind the sanctuary.  Go through the door to the right of the altar.  Turn left and the office is just down the hall.  Barb Carlson can help you with whatever you may need. She is in the office from 9am – 4pm.  You may call the office at (203) 426-9998 or email churchoffice@newtown-umc.org