What is an Acolyte in the Newtown United Methodist Church? A young person who serves the Lord by bringing the light of Jesus Christ into the Church Sanctuary and lighting the altar candles during worship.

Jesus brought light into the world – not by carrying a torch, but by the messages in his lessons. He made people “see” the way we should live our lives.

Today we use candles in Church as a symbol of Jesus being with us and teaching us so that we may “see” His way to live.

Being an Acolyte is a meaningful way to introduce your child to being an active participant by:

-Learning to serve God

-Learning to be a participating member of our Church

-Learning to be responsible for Acolyte duties

-Learning to feel the warmth of giving

If you are interested in having a child, who is 8 years old or older, become an Acolyte or need further information, please contact the church office.

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