Currents of Grace

John and I spent a week at Miami Beach in February.  Our hotel fronted the actual beach and we were treated to beautiful displays of color and majesty as we looked over the ocean – especially at sunrise.

From our balcony we could also watch the sea birds: terns and seagulls and the occasional pelican swooping down in search of its next meal. What delighted me the most was watching these birds catch an air current and then just hang there, moving across the sky without ever moving their wings

Effortless. And so peaceful.

What a great image for the life of faith.

Without a doubt there are times when we are called to work and strive… but other times when we truly have to let go and let God. As someone who likes to be in control and meet the goals that I have set, I need these continual reminders that we are not the ones ultimately in control, that we worship a God of power and love who has promised to bear US up on eagles’ wings, allowing us to lay back and ride the currents of grace… if we will only allow it.

Wishing you days of peace and surrender to God.