Things To Remember

I am a list maker.

I rely on my daily To Do list to ensure every necessary task gets done.

I rely on a shopping list to ensure I come home from the grocery store with everything I need.

I rely on a packing list when I travel to ensure I don’t arrive at my destination without medication – or socks.

So, I was delighted to receive as a Christmas gift some years ago a book entitled “Things to Remember.” There was room inside for lists – lots of lists, but also pages for journal keeping and photo posting and even drawing.

There are many things we want to remember in life and many ways to do it.

We keep lists to remember the things we need to get done or buy or bring.

Many of us keep journals to remember the events of our lives that are important or to jot down ideas and thoughts that have meaning.

We keep photo albums to remember those we love, especially those who have passed on.

We keep scrapbooks with tangible reminders of those events and people.

There are memories we carry, events that have formed us, people who have loved us that are just too important to forget.

Scripture is filled with things that God would like us to remember – stories, poetry, events that have formed us as God’s people 

But there are also promises in the Bible that God wants us to remember when we are struggling.

When we feel unloved or worthless, God wants us to remember:

“I have written your name on the palm of My hand”   (Isaiah 49:16)

When we feel like we are alone:

“I the Lord am with you and will never forsake you”  (Deuteronomy 31:8)

When we feel like it just can’t be done:

“Nothing will be impossible for God.”   (Luke 1:37)

We hold on to some precious things in our minds and hearts… but of all the things we remember, none are more precious than the presence and love of God.