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Events for March 19 – March 6 › Church Event › – Newtown United Methodist Church

So much is happening at NUMC! 

To reserve use of one of our facilities, please contact the church office.

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Event Series Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class

We anticipate a new Confirmation Class beginning in October. Please let Pastor Lori or the office know if you have a child (8th grade and up) who is interested in participating.

NUMC Craft Fair

Join us today at Reed Intermediate School from 10am to 4pm for a day of fun and crafts! Volunteers are needed for various things throughout the day. Contact Barb Sibley if you can help!

Event Series Bible Study

Bible Study

NUMC, Betts Conference Room 92 Church Hill Road, Sandy Hook, CT

Our Bible Study group is open to anyone and you may join at anytime. Should you wish additional information, please contact the church office. This group is currently meeting via Zoom.

Event Series Choir Practice

Choir Practice

NUMC, Sanctuary 92 Church Hill Road, Sandy Hook, CT

If you have interest in joining either the NUMC choir or Tone Chimes choir, please contact Rev. Sue or the church office for more details.

Halloween Walk

Costumed volunteers are need to greet our guests and hand out candy. Donations of candy appreciated as well!

Event Series Prayer Group

Prayer Group

You are invited to join the Monday Prayer Group which meets in person weekly. We encourage everyone to join us for a time of spiritual reflection and prayer… no rsvp required!