Baptism & Holy Communion

Baptism at NUMC
In the United Methodist Church we baptize people of all ages. We believe that the water of baptism is an outer sign of the grace that God is already pouring into the life of the child.  During baptism, parents promise to raise their child in such a way that he or she grows up in the church and comes to accept the grace of God for him or herself.
We will at appropriate times reaffirm our baptism vows but we do not practice re-baptism.
If you are interested in seeking baptism for yourself or your child, please connect with Pastor Lori Miller

Holy Communion at NUMC
We celebrate the sacrament of holy communion on the first Sunday of every month at both services.
The United Methodist Church practices an open table, which means that every person, regardless of church membership or religious background, is invited to embrace the sacrament as a sign of God’s grace and receive with a joyful heart.
We use gluten free bread and grape juice.