Stephen Ministry

In February 2011 Newtown United Methodist Church officially became a church of Stephen Ministry.

To seek care for yourself or refer someone you think might benefit from this ministry, contact our loving Pastors.

Stephen Ministers are the After People

The PBS “Religion and Ethics” news show recently aired an eight-minute feature that vividly describes how Stephen Ministry is changing lives in thousands of congregations.

You can watch the video online on the PBS Web site: Direct Link

Or go to: and then click on the “Stephen Ministry” feature.


The whole church benefits from Stephen Ministry; The People Who Need Care, Your Pastors, Your Lay People, Your Entire Congregation. Scroll though the page below for additional details on Stephen Ministry, direct from the Stephen Ministry web site


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Help During a Tragic Event

The following PDF files are available for download and/or distribution. If you know someone that could use the information n provided, please feel free to share it.

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