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Live the Word to Sunday

Look here every week to see the scriptures that will be part of this coming Sunday’s worship service. Most Christian churches follow a three year cycle through the bible called the Common Lectionary. Each week one selection each is offered from the Old Testament (the Torah, prophets, etc), wisdom literature (Psalms, Songs of Solomon, etc) , Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke or John) and Epistles (letters from Paul, James, Timothy, etc). It is likely that you will hear the preacher offer these readings the following Sunday. We will post the scriptures from the bible and you may participate by posting or following the postings offered by others including context (what was going on back in the biblical day), cross references, reflections, witnessing or questions. Our hope is that by Sunday you would have read the word, pondered it and when you hear the word spoken in church it will resonate all the more. May the Holy Spirit guide us and may His word be truly written on your heart.

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A Thanksgiving Message the Bishop

Bishop Martin D. McLee offers a Thanksgiving message …

urging praise to God and care for the “leftovers.”

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July 13th Concert Featuring Anne and Pete Sibley

Come join us for an evening of great music with Anne and Pete Sibley!

Fund raiser for the church’s Outreach to the Newtown community programs. Suggested Donation: $15

Many have come and enjoyed our other fine musical events. You won’t want to miss this one!

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PeaceBuilders – Helping kids after 12/14/2012

PeaceBuilders, an initiative to bring kids from Newtown together in community service and fun activities, is preparing to launch on March 17th. Helping our kids become more resilient after the tragedy of 12-14 is a priority.

PeaceBuilders will engage kids from 11 to 14 years old in a transformation process to help them become compassionate

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