website privacy policy

The Newtown United Methodist Church is committed to having a high level of confidentiality on the website while maintaining a welcoming online presence for visitors. This will be achieved by adhering to the following guidelines:

· No pictures that show faces of NUMC Children and Youth will be used on the site. We are using stock photos of young people.

· NUMC members and friends will be given the opportunity to register when first visiting the site. All registration requests will be reviewed by the web team. Only registered users will be able to see more personal items such as; prayer requests, funeral notices, and newsletter items with phone numbers, etc.

· A further level of security will allow different committees to have different levels of access. For instance, if you are on the SPR Committee, the SPR page will appear as a choice in the menu only after you enter your username and password.

· No phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses will be shown on the public part of the site.

· We will not share or sell any of your personal information.

· Prayer requests: You can make a prayer request from the website by filling out an online form. You will be able to choose whether you want the information to remain confidential to the Prayer Chain and the pastors, or whether you want your request published to the congregation’s registered users. You do not need to use last names or identifying information when submitting a request.

· If you need to receive email for a church purpose (say, getting volunteers to help with a dinner) a form can be set up on the website that will forward to your home email. Your email address will never be visible to the public.

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