Live the Word to Sunday

Live the Word to Sunday, a Lectionary Discussion

Preparing the way for the Lord to let God’s Word work in your life during the week to make your worship experience more meaningful. Sermons during Worship services are often based upon the Revised Common Lectionary. You are invited to log onto this site and Leave Comment on the readings presented with your questions and/or thoughts. If you have not already done so,you may register here.

Previous week (7/13/2014, Fifth Sunday after Pentecost) Genesis 25:19-34; Psalm 119:105-112; Romans 8:1-11a; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
Prior week (7/20/2014, Sixth Sunday after Pentecost) Genesis 28:10-19a; Psalm 139:1-12, 23-24; Romans 8:12-25; Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
Last week (7/27/2014, Second Sunday after Pentecost) Genesis 21:8-21< \a>; Psalm 86:1-10, 16-17; Romans 6:1b-11; Matthew 10:24-39

August 3, 2014 Eighth Sunday of Pentecost

Having received the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, followers of Christ, filled with His very presence, brought his LIVING WORD to the world. What we receive will carry us through to Kingdom tide or what is known as the ordinary season. May you receive the gift offered in His sacrifice made for you and Christ’s saving grace. The focus of this first of three year cycle is the Gospel of Matthew. As you read this week, consider how the Living Word speaks to you. Jesus is calling you to respond to his Word. Consider the hopeful questions: Where does my help come from? Where do I see God active in the world? How is God calling me to live my life? These scriptures point us toward these profound questions and to faith and to the saving grace of God. It is our hope and prayer that your worship experience be enhanced as you gain a greater sense that God is with you in Jesus Christ.

Genesis 32:22-31 – That night Jacob got up and took his two wives, his maidservants and his eleven sons and crossed the ford of Jabbok…
  • Jacob was on his way to meet and make peace with the brother he once cheated out of his birthright and had to flee for fear of revenge. See Genesis 25:27-34, and Genesis 27
  • As you read consider “the man” Jacob wrestled all night. Why do you suppose God let Jacob “win”?
  • Could it be that wrestling with god changes a person and makes them walk their life journey differently from that point on?
Psalm 17:1-7, 15 – Hear a just cause, O LORD, attend to my cry…
  • Read, listen to the words you read out loud, even dare to pray the words.
  • How do you relate to these words?
  • What do these words offered by the Psalm writer tell you about God, ahout humans, about the relationship between God and humans?
Romans 9:1-5 – I am speaking the truth in Christ…
  • Paul, born of Jewish parents from Tsarsus, Roman citizens, who brought up Jewish and like themselves a Pharisee, now an Apostle for Christ but once prosecutor of those who followed Him.
  • Take note of the way of stressing the truthfulness of his statements.
  • An apostle is one who is sent and Paul is sent out from his own people, who he loves, to be devoted to those around the Mediterranean Sea, where Christ Himself sent him.
Matthew 14:22-31e – Immediately Jesus had the disciples get into and go to the other side while he dismissed the crowd….
  • Jesus had just fed the 5,000 after trying to get away to be alone after hearing of the brutal murder of his cousin, John the Baptist while in custody, in jail. See Mathew 14:1-21.
  • Notice again this event happens after Jesus prays by himsself.
  • Why, do you suppose, was Peter at once able to walk on water like Jesus, but then failed, sinking so fast he had to be rescued?

Next week (8/10/2014, Ninth Sunday after Pentecost) Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28; Psalm 105:1-6, 16-22; Romans 10:5-15; Matthew 14:22-33
Week after next (8/17/2014, Tenth Sunday after Pentecost) Genesis 45:1-15; Psalm 133; Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32; Matthew 15:10-20, 21-28
And the next week (8/24/2014, Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost) Exodus 1:8-2:10; Psalm 124; Romans 12:1-8; Matthew 16:13-20

May the Living Word dwell and lead your heart. May you hear and respond to the Word fully, by seeking to live as Jesus intended and coming to know him through his grace and healing power. May the power of Living Word bring the presence of God in you. To God be the Glory.

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Live the Word to Sunday

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