Missions and the Apportionment Process

In a recent Sunday service, a member of our Stewardship committee delivered a discussion of the “Second Mile Campaign, Missions and the Apportionment Process.” Apportions are where some of your financial contributions go in support of the greater United Methodist Church and God’s works globally.
So what is this thing called Apportionment and what does it mean to you and your giving to NUMC? An excerpt is provided below with a link to the entire document  published sometime ago by the General Council on Finance and Administration on why we apportion.

Why We Apportion

A Theology of Giving

Using apportionments to support annual conference and denominational
benevolences is a distinctive feature of United Methodism. Apportionment
giving financially underwrites United Methodist ministry and mission beyond
the local church. For some local church members, why the use of
apportionments is a vital expression of faithful stewardship is not clear. This
document, based on the report of the 1997-2000 Connectional Ministry
Funding Patterns Task Force, explores the Biblical, theological and historical
basis for apportionments. Its use is commended with:

  • Annual conference councils on finance and administration
  • Local church administrative councils
  • Local church finance committees
  • Local church stewardship committees
  • Pastors
  • Other finance and stewardship leaders

* This document and other financial interpretation information are available on
the Web site of the General Council on Finance and Administration (

The entire document can be downloaded: WhyWeApportion.pdf
Still have questions? Feel free to log on, write in a comment with your questions.

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