Coffee Hour Information

Thank you so much for volunteering to provide coffee hour. It is a perfect example of the hospitality and friendliness our church is known for!


  • Provide any assortment of baked goods and/or fresh fruit you would like to provide. Packaged store bought goodies are as appreciated as anything homemade.
  • Provide juice  ~ generally at least 2-gallons during busy times.
  • Provide coffee ~ one small can of any brand, cream and /or milk.
  • Cold cups, hot cups, napkins, plates, plastic cutlery (if needed), stirrers,  sugar and sweeteners are provided and are located in the cabinets labeled “Coffee Hour”. [It is a good idea to check the cabinet the week before in case supplies are low and either let the coffee hour coordinator know or bring your own supply.]

How to make the coffee

It takes time to brew, so start the coffee BEFORE the service.

  1. Use the large percolator and disassemble it.
  2. Fill the urn to the 80 cup line (generally, unless you sense a bigger gathering).
  3. Empty the small can of coffee in the top part of the urn and reassemble the percolator.
  4. It is advisable to heat hot water in the small percolator for tea drinkers or if you are providing hot cocoa.

Set up

Please DO NOT  set the food and cold drinks on a table closest to the kitchen window as it hinders people trying to get to the coffee.

*Coffee Hour During the Summer

If it is nice outside, set up a card table or two (found in the Narthex or bring a table from Rauner Hall and place in the front yard area near the main walkway. Serve iced tea and lemonade.

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